Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Review - Female Liquid Orgasm

I had a chance to review my friend Tallulah Sulis’ new product, Female Liquid Orgasm. (I know, nice work if you can get it.)  I wondered how she was going to explain techniques that guys can use to give a woman a squirting orgasm, also called “female ejaculation.”

It’s a touchy subject for both partners and I think approaching your woman about it or even making the moves and seeing what happens without creating any expectations can be a little stressful.
I have to give this product two thumbs up. First, Tallulah takes a mind and body approach for both the man and the woman. There are some great approaches in the eBook, as well as a stealth way you can do it without even alerting your sexual partner. There are couples practices too, if you are learning together. She also teaches you a surprising amount of detail about a woman’s anatomy, which is the foundation for adding in the strokes.

Not only does she teach stroke techniques, like come hither, barrel roll, Fwap Fwapping, the Hovercraft, she gives you stroke patterns and then strings them all together into a whole “liquid orgasm” practice session you can do with your partner.

The product is actually a membership site, where you go to download the eBook or read it on your computer. Plus you get these video clips of various women squirting, some with their partner, some solo with a dildo or using her hands. I think a lot of women would appreciate seeing these clips. They are kind of arty and a little new agey, which actually makes them seem very different than porn, but you are still watching women squirt. The video really helps you understand what to do with the stuff she teaches in the eBook.

Then, there are coaching audios you can listen to, where Tallulah is relating to you as a guy in the learning process, which I found very comforting and kind of a turn on too. And there are some interviews she’s done with other orgasmic experts (love that title) who add different perspectives to get you more prepared. 

Her “cherry on top” of this program is her Toy Guide. Very straightforward, she has pictures of products she recommends and she tells you how to use them. I can see a few toys and products that are missing from my collection already. <grin>

Here’s what I really like about this product and why I heartily recommend it. First, it’s very detailed. Secondly, it has books, audio and video so it’s “multi-modal.” And Tallulah is obviously used to working with dudes and women so she has a nice way about communicating that makes you feel like you are making the absolutely right decision to learn this and it’s good and natural and a new extension to your sex life. 

Still, the best reason I recommend this is that Tallulah is saucy, her writing style is a turn on and she gets that this is supposed to be sexy and fun. She’s the opposite of Doctor Ruth, Tallulah is HOT!

If you’ve ever been interested in learning how to make a woman have squirting orgasms, this is a great program.